Changes in safety protocols for church services

July 3, 2020

Beloved Parish Family:

We continue together as the Body of Christ amidst the pandemic. While Covid-19 cases have increased, and while Church continues to look and feel different, let us support each other and not lose hope in the Lord, who works and ministers until now. Let us never overlook the love that we have for the Church. So many names have come in for commemoration. So many prayers from all of you and for all of you are being offered. This love of Christ and remembrance of brothers and sisters helps us to love one another and confess the Inseparable Holy Trinity.

We have always and will continue to review the appropriate protocols for our church. The pandemic changes very quickly from day to day, and I ask that you have patience and grace for those tasked with making decisions for our Metropolis and our community. Please look closely at the updates below, which we have reviewed with the Holy Metropolis.

Considering the increase in Covid-19 cases in Dallas County and yesterday's order for the State of Texas regarding masks, Holy Trinity will be making the following adjustments with respect to all brothers and sisters:

For the next 30 days:

  • At all services, masks should be worn when you are not seated in your pew, i.e. entering, leaving, moving out of the pew to communion, the bathroom, etc.
  • Once you are seated in your pew, masks are highly encouraged but not required.
  • Mask-only services will continue to be scheduled periodically in the month (7/11 and 7/25).
  • Capacity will be reduced from 60 parties to 45, allowing for only one party per pew, including single individuals.
  • The red side seats will be replaced by single folding chairs (not this weekend, but the following).

Please also be reminded:
All who do not feel well or are immunocompromised have the blessing from the Church to be absent, and we will try to find other ways to minister to you. If you would like to receive communion or a blessing, make a confession, have a 40-day blessing for your child, have a home visit, please be reminded that you are most welcome to schedule those for a private time with a priest.

Clarifications have been sent by the Ecumenical Patriarchate that no blessing has been offered for universal change in Holy Communion distribution. Rather, the Hierarch in each area gives directives based on specific needs. Our Metropolis and most others have not changed the means of distribution. You will remain in your places until a parish council member guides you to come forward, and families will go up for communion once the other family has returned to their place. Again, if you are not able to attend a public service, we are able to schedule a communion visit.

As you sign up for the services, please review the notes on that page.

If you need spiritual assistance, a simple talk, or references for support, please do not hesitate to contact Father Peter or Father Mark.

We continue in this together, and God is with us. May He grant health, protection, spiritual growth to all. A blessed Fourth of July to all.

Love in Christ,
Fr. Peter